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We instruct the Concealed Weapons Permit Course (see class dates & times) Please call for confirmation of the class, sometimes we have emergencies and may not be running a class. If you are not able to attend we will set up a class for you at a time that will fit into your schedule ! We have both Law Enforcement and NRA certified instructors and will be happy to do a one on one class with you or your loved ones !

Cost of the class is $50.00 per person, this includes certificate of completion & copy to send in with your application. We also do the same service for anyone who has a hunter safety course, Current & former military with DD214, Armed Security License and law enforcement, etc. the cost is $35.00 to complete the process listed above and you can sit through the class for free. Please call with any questions.

We are a class 3 firearms dealer for all your tranfers and sales of machine guns, supressors etc. 

We do FFL transfers, $30.00 total including your background check. If you order more than 1 firearm and it arrives at the same time it will be an additional $15.00 per firearm.