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"Now Offering Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (L.E.O. H.R.-218)"

House Bill 143 (Chapter 2007-111, Laws of Florida), effective July 1, 2007 authorized a process that will allow qualified retired law enforcement officers to seek to satisfy the firearms proficiency portion of HR 218.  The law authorized the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) to issue a confirmation card to persons who pass the firing range testing component.  The proficiency is based on meeting the firearms minimums applied to active officers.  A passing score of 80% or better (32 out of 40 rounds in the scoring area) will be required.  The applicant must qualify with a firearm on of the specific type and caliber which he or she intends to carry.

Upon successful completion of the shooting requirements, the retiree will be issued the official CJSTC verification card.  The card is evidence that you have successfully completed the firearms qualification only.

For Available Courses

HR-218 Qualification


      Cost of Qualification is $40 per persons and $10 per additional gun.

  • Class fee includes: Range fees, Target, All necessary paperwork and Card.
  • Student Requirements: Semi-auto or revolver

        (students may qualify with both), Holster, Spare magazine or speedloader,

         eye/ear protection, 50 rounds of ammunition (per Gun) 

         and Photo ID (driver license, etc.) & retired ID

  • Qualification courses are by appointment only (Call Or E-mail for a Appointment)
  • Qualification good for one year by HR 218 req